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Do you want to replace a missing tooth but do not want to wear removable partials or dentures?

One way is by using dental implants to make your smile complete! These implants are carefully placed where your original tooth used to be. It’s fairly quick to do and usually not uncomfortable. Then, after a short healing period, a beautiful new replacement tooth is attached to the implant. Everything you used to be able to do with your natural teeth can be done again with implants. Your new implants blend in to create the smile you’ve been dreaming of!

About Our Top Quality Implant System:


Excellent Strength & Stability
PrimaConnex® implants feature the state-of-the-art TiLobe® esthetic connection, a patented six-lobed connection providing symmetrical load distribution to stimulate bone, a medialized interface to shift bacteria away from the bone and a conical seal to eliminate micro-movement.

Streamline Placement
The Prima Implant System is designed to make placement simple. Clear markings and color coding allow for easy surgical flow, while a single, well-organized surgical kit can accommodate both straight and tapered implants.

Positive Patient Outcomes
PrimaConnex® abutments offer consistent contours and scalloped margins designed to preserve soft tissue esthetics while minimizing patient discomfort.

PrimaConnex® TC

  • TC surface coverage to the top for Total Coverage.
  • TiLobe esthetic connection provides symmetrical load distribution which reduces the load transfer to the abutment screw.
  • Medialized connection with a conical seal reduces the micro-gap between the implant and abutment (connector).